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We are a group of five people who love technology and love writing articles for you, so you can understand modern applications and programs.

In fact we have started important articles for modern residents in Europe, and now we are writing about the most important applications used in Europe in general.

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The idea of ​​our site is based on building the personality of the active and positive person in society, therefore it is considered a club for writers characterized by ambition, love of creativity and the desire to share the benefit to humanity .. Accordingly, participation in the site will not be open to all and the writer who wishes to join must meet the following conditions

Conditions for joining:

Seriousness and patience: There are those who are enthusiastic about something for a short period and then subside. We are looking for people with a futuristic outlook, patience, perseverance, the ability to continuously produce and work collectively.
The ability to formulate topics in a simple and distinct way at the same time makes the other party enjoy reading the topic and gain benefit.
Writing with the correct grammar for the article (there is an instructional video for the grammar, not difficult).
The joint writer must publish at least one new topic every 30 days and this topic should be of wording and diligence. Of course, short / superficial topics will never be accepted, and topics transferred from other sites (copy paste) will never be accepted.
The desire to learn, benefit and pass it on to others.
New memberships that have not contributed to any site participation over 60 days are deleted from the moment they are registered. The writer or author can also publish the article in his real name or in another name that he chooses for himself and his Facebook link.

How to join the site writers

In the event that you agree to the above terms and express your desire to join the site authors, please fill out this form below.